Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello World~~~~!

Hello, I have been very bad with my blog....
Actually, I have created a blog of my own during these past few weeks. The one section in my website that says "photo blog coming soon" is now gone. After working for almost 3 months straight, the green little guy "Inokun" is finally on vacation. The new blog section is up, and this time I will try to be very good about updating it. I have placed some photos of Rau and I when we were new born babies. I scanned them in few months ago for Steph so we can get an idea how our boy might look like. I also placed some photos of me and Steph during the past few months when I was in Korea. Hope you will enjoy these photos.
Now as for this blog... it will mostly be used for RSS reasons... Anyway, please head over to my site if you have time to check out the photos. Take care everyone!!